Stair Construction in Muirfield

There are many different code specifications to follow when building a stairwell.  Here at Stiles of Ohio we follow all of the current codes to construct a custom stairwell to fit your needs.

Columbus, Ohio contractor

Stiles of Ohio has handled many repairs and renovations in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Dublin, Upper Arlington, Worthington, Powell and Westerville;  Since 1995, Stiles of Ohio has successfully repaired drywall and plaster walls and ceilings.  Smooth and textured surfaces, repaired damaged doors, windows and trimwork,  renovated basements, bathrooms and kitchens.  From small repairs to …

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Columbus, Ohio Chinese Drywall

There have been problems with some newer homes that installed cheap drywall that was manufactured in China.  These homes began to smell like sulfur over time and further inspections revealed that the cause of the odor was the cheap drywall.  Stiles of Ohio, Inc. only installs gypsum that was manufactured in the U.S.A. This situation …

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Older homes with existing plaster require knowledge and advanced skills when it comes to renovations.  Retaining as much of the original plaster as possible to maintain the historical integrity and therefore it is best to use a contractor with experience in dealing with both new (drywall) and old (plaster) substrates.  Stiles of Ohio has been …

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Worthington Drywall repair

Stiles of Ohio has been repairing drywall and plaster walls and ceilings in the Worthington Ohio area since 1995.

Removing door in the bathroom

We were challenged with a bathroom renovation project that included removing a door that separated the commode/shower area from the double sink vanity.  The door was confining the area, restricting access to a linen closet and always seemed in the way.  The most cost effective way to alleviate the problem was to simply remove the …

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Powell Ohio home renovation

Stiles of Ohio has remodeled several basements in the Powell, Ohio area since 1995.  From framing the walls with metal studs to home theater systems, specialty lighting and kitchen installations;  Stiles of Ohio is one of the premier contractors to work with.

Frozen water lines

This time of year in Ohio is when water lines are most susceptible to freezing.  Frozen water expands and therefore causes the water lines to burst, allowing water to invade your living space and ultimately damaging your home.  Stopping the water intrusion and repairing the damaged water lines is first and foremost, the space then …

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Repair and paint in Upper Arlington

How does a person repair damaged drywall on the ceiling above an indoor swimming pool?  Stiles of Ohio solved this problem by building a temporary platform over the swimming pool. steps taken to build a platform or “dance floor”: We first protected the swimming pool this thick protective plastic Laid 2×6 studs perpendicular to the …

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Upper Arlington Drywall and Plaster

Houses in Upper Arlington require special consideration when hanging drywall due to the type of architectural features found in many of these homes. Plaster, paint, insulation, varnish and many other building products that where used 30 years ago contain lead.  Dealing with this and the many other toxins in building product used today is an …

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Whitewash exterior brick

Whitewash is an old technique used to protect exterior buildings along the Mediterranean coast.  The process was a simple solution application of a lyme based mixture applied to the exterior masonry to help protect the surface from the harsh winds and salty air found along the coast.  People later used the wash solution to protect …

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Dublin Drywall Contractors

Stiles of Ohio provides Drywall Hanging and finishing services in Dublin Ohio.  We have the skill and experience to properly repair any damage to a wall or ceiling.  Whether it is new drywall or a repair, smooth or textured, low to the ground or 20 feet in the air, Stiles of Ohio can get the job done.

Wallpaper Removal

It seems that wallpaper removal has lately been a popular request for Stiles of Ohio and one thing that is always certain about removing wall coverings is the fact that you never know what you are going to get. There are so many factors involved; the quality of the wallpaper, the type of wallcovering, the …

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