Wallpaper Removal

It seems that wallpaper removal has lately been a popular request for Stiles of Ohio and one thing that is always certain about removing wall coverings is the fact that you never know what you are going to get. There are so many factors involved; the quality of the wallpaper, the type of wallcovering, the way it was installed, the way the wall substrate was prepared and the age of the wallpaper are just some of the things to consider when removing any wallcovering.

Our best strategy has been to wet the wallpaper and keep it wet, knowing this, Stiles of Ohio protects the floors and furniture and keeps towels handy to wipe off doors, cabinets and base trim.  We use standard 4″ drywall knives to carefully remove the wallpaper from the wall surface and careful about not damaging the substrate. After the wall covering and glue is removed, another standard procedure is to apply a coat of oil-base primer to the surface.  This will seal any glue residue that would otherwise have an adverse affect to latex paint. The surface is now ready to fix any repairs and finish.